Message from the Principal of the College

MILLI AL AMEEN COLLEGE  is committed to be an instrument of positive change in women's education for the benefit of society. In the pursuit of this mission the college undertakes :-

 To impart balanced education and all round development of the students, To motivate , guide and to facilitate  excellence in various fields of education,  To create a positive atmosphere, to facilitate creative skills, enhancing opportunities for further studies through the able guidance of the institution.

When we educate a person, only an individual is educated, but if we educate a woman –we educate the whole family. With this motto the parent body established the college.

The aim of the college according to the founders  are to promote the cause of education in its highest and widest sense& to make education a comprehensive training of the mind, heart and body.

The college is open to all students irrespective of race, creed, or caste.  The  college  was established and being run by Milli Educational organization , a registered Society, formed in 1975 in Calcutta.