A Government Aided Recognised Minority Educational Institution | Medium of instruction is English | Established & Run by Milli Educational Organisation | Estd: 1992
Affiliated to the University of Calcutta

Vision, Mission & Goal


To Enlighten, to Empower, To Enrich

The first word revealed in the Quran was "Iqra" - knowledge. The Milli Al-Ameen College (For Girls) strives to pave the way to help ‘the doubly-marginalized gender’ secure an equitable access to the repertoire of knowledge. Towards this end, immense emphasis is laid on raising the status of ‘first generation learners’ towards academic excellence and to accomplish that goal, financial support is offered (in the form of scholarships, College sponsorship) to students from these indigent quarters. This institution focuses on imparting a holistic education that can arm under-privileged young women with the skills required to grapple with the needs of this technologically-driven, fast paced world. The focus lies on creating a self-sufficient generation of sagacious, sensible citizens who can imprint their impression on the social fabric, address and alleviate the economic and gender binaries existing in the society and can thereby, contribute to the project of national development at large. While the entire nation is marching ahead, why should one section lag behind? However, the College also ensures that the students, amidst the upward social and economic climb, never lose sight of their cultural roots. Our definition of “nari shakti” comprises a woman who is not just globally-informed, but also locally-aware. The College envisions playing a seminal role in enlightening the students on a wide spectrum of topics and keeping them abreast with the latest technology, of financially empowering them with the knowledge thereby received, and also keeping them enriched and deeply rooted in their rich cultural heritage. The ultimate vision is to tailor women who can be equal stakeholders in the society and who can play their due part in the collective endeavor of chiseling a “Viksit Bharat”.


The College aims at an overall upliftment of students - academic, social, economic and cultural. Physical fitness, mental well-being, and sexual hygiene are some of the other aspects that we put immense emphasis on. The Mission of the College lies in creating women who are intellectually resourceful, mentally and physically competent, academically accomplished, socially aware, environmentally conscious, dutiful, humane, and ready to address the challenges of the society with utmost confidence.

The College strives to reach its mission through implementing the following policies:

  1. Milli Al-Ameen College (For Girls) was conceived to address the long-standing issue of the education of Muslim women, particularly those belonging to the economically-challenged quarters. Through various scholarships, and individual/organizational sponsorships, this institute has facilitated the entry of these young women into the world of academia.
  2. Though initially established primarily for Muslim women, this College has never placed any bar on the admission of students based on religion, caste or creed. All the stakeholders - the students, the faculty as well as the non-teaching staff from across diverse backgrounds are warmly embraced. This leads to an amalgamation of people from myriad cultural and linguistic backgrounds and the idea of ‘Unity in Diversity’ is rightfully upheld.
  3. Considering the fact that a major fragment of the student section comprises ‘first-generation learners’, the College tries following a vigorous methodology of teaching, learning and evaluation process with periodic assessment. The faculty members arrange for remedial classes, mentoring and counseling especially for slow learners.
  4. Modern teaching-learning aids and other ICT resources are amply employed to make the curriculum interesting and to facilitate effective learning.
  5. For the upliftment of the students and proper guidance with regards to their future career avenues, the College provides career counseling occasionally.
  6. Value-added courses are designed to enhance the skills of students beyond their regular curriculum. Our College recommends all students to enroll for the VACs provided in the curriculum so that the students can gain practical exposure, industry insights, certification, networking, and career guidance.
  7. The Incubation Centre of the College arranges for workshops that help these young women gain an insight into the world of entrepreneurship. They are encouraged to transform their ideas and views into viable business ventures, thereby opening up new avenues of self-reliance. The College places immense importance on this journey from learning to earning.
  8. Collaborations are undertaken with other institutes where the products of small-scale business ventures like herbal gulal, organic mehendi cones etc are exhibited and sold.
  9. Seminars and various other talks are organized which promote awareness regarding both mental and physical well-being. Special classes on self-defense are also arranged for.
  10. Collaborations and Memorandum of Understanding are undertaken not only with academic institutes, but also with Sporting Clubs, to further the cause for the need for physical fitness.
  11. The College believes in fostering an understanding of one’s own cultural heritage. Without a fundamental comprehension of the roots, it is never possible to discern one’s social identity. Tapping into the ethnographic richness of the locality, the students have curated a museum which vividly showcases this history.
  12. This emphasis on the pertinence of our rich cultural heritage and practices is further demonstrated through the organizing of courses like “Ayurveda: an Alternative Medicinal Practice” and “Yoga”.
  13. The College places a strong emphasis on environmental awareness and sustainable practices. Our campus follows a strict “No-Plastic-Zone”. Students actively participate in the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by regularly taking part in cleanliness drives and steering local awareness in the locality.
  14. Active participation in social outreach programmes like HIV awareness in the locality, Menstrual Hygiene Awareness campaigns, educating slum children help kindle qualities like empathy, compassion, and foster a sense of responsibility towards the society, and the nation at large.

The College is unwavering in its dedication to advancing gender parity, encouraging diversity, and offering a supportive atmosphere for all-around development. Students are given the opportunities to succeed academically, professionally, and personally through a wide range of projects and activities, empowering them to become accountable and involved members of society.