A Government Aided Recognised Minority Educational Institution | Medium of instruction is English | Established & Run by Milli Educational Organisation | Estd: 1992
Affiliated to the University of Calcutta

College Rules

Milli Al-Ameen College (For Girls) gives emphasis on maintenance of discipline. The following disciplinary rules should be noted by the students to maintain decorum in the college.


  1. In case of continuous absence from college for three consecutive days, a student must submit a letter addressed to the Principal and signed by the guardian stating clearly the reason for her absence.
  2. Students must bring their identity cards Daily and especially at the time of the college examinations.
  3. Loss of identity card should be immediately reported in writing to the Principal so that a duplicate one may be issued.
  4. Change of permanent address should be immediately notified in writing to the College office.
  5. In order to avail sports gear of different games in the Common Room, a student must deposit their Identity Card with the College office clerk.
  6. Students should not loiter in the corridor, passages or sit back in the common room during class or leave the classes without taking permission from the teachers.
  7. Students are not allowed to stand on the terrace or roof ramparts of the College. While visiting the library all bags must be kept outside. Only money bags, notebooks and cell phones (switched off) will be allowed inside the library. No printed matter can be carried into the library.
  8. Violation of any of the rules and regulations of the College will be severely dealt with by imposition of fines, suspension from class or even expulsion from the College.
  9. Students must not use any unfair means in any examination or class test.
  10. Students must not call vendors of any goods in the college premises.
  11. No business or financial transaction among students should be made without prior permission from the Principal.
  12. Guardians should not enter the classroom or the common room of the College without prior permission.
  13. Students must come decently dressed to the College.
  14. Students must maintain the decorum of the College.
  15. Students must not disfigure the walls or furniture or misuse any property of the College or invite outsiders into the common room or classrooms of the College.
  16. Picnics and Excursions arranged by the College will be notified to the guardians and their written permission will be required before the student is allowed to go on such a trip.
  17. Students must attend Flag hoisting functions on Independence Day and Republic Day and on other occasions such as College Foundation Day otherwise they will be penalized.
  18. Students must read the Notice Board regularly and follow their daily academic timetable carefully.
  19. Students must take care of their personal belongings .The College is not responsible for any loss or theft.
  20. Guardians can meet the Principal with prior permission or appointment.